Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote in vote_smart,
Brad Smith

Interested In Becoming A vote_smart Guest Blogger?

I am now seeking guest bloggers for this community to write issues related posts in a nonpartisan way that assimilates the facts and allows members and watchers to have a clearer view into the specifics. The goal is in getting information available to people so that they may be better informed and have links to resources. I'm working on the guidelines for acceptable posting formats, and at the moment am thinking of simply writing a copy & paste code so that all guest blog posts can appear uniform.

Issues can be (but are not limited to):
  • Health Care
  • Free Speech Rights
  • Environment
  • Abortion/Reproductive Freedom
  • Gun Control
  • Right To Privacy
  • Civil Rights
  • The War In Iraq
  • Tradtional -Vs- Same-Sex Marriage
  • Federal Spending
  • Foreign Policy
  • Government Reform
  • Crime
  • Drugs
  • Education
  • Immigration
  • Energy
  • Veterans Issues
  • National Security
  • Science & Medical Research
  • Trade
  • Welfare & Poverty
  • Technology
If there is an issue (listed above or unlisted) that you feel strongly about and would like to research it for a future post, comment to this post or email me at angry_biscuit [at] livejournal [dot] com.
Tags: grassroots, guestbloggers, guestblogging, issues

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