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A Guide To The '08 Presidential Election
& Where The Candidates Stand On The Issues
About Open Threads 
6th-Jan-2008 03:44 pm
I'd like to take a quick moment to thank everyone for their input thus far, and also to explain what an "Open Thread" post is and how you each become a part of it - keeping to the spirit of this community as a grassroots involvment of its members.

Open thread:
A thread of comments to a post whose topic is open for definition by those posting to it. Common to blogs with large readerships that visit to exchange views, as opposed to focus exclusively on posts from the blogger.
If I post an Open Thread, I may or may not give it a topic. If the topic interests you, the purpose is to comment and offer your input or questions. If no topic is posted, comment with a question or a message for other community members on whatever issues you choose to spark discussion or exchange ideas with others.

Sometimes an Open Thread will be available to all community members, and sometimes comments will be requested of Guestbloggers only or members with posting access. We will specify inthe post whether or not it is open to all or only posting members.

The subject should read as follows so that there is no confusion: Open Thread
If there is a particular topic one wishes to begin discussion on, the post will ask the question. Finally, we will specify who it will be open to, such as this post:

Open Thread

Topic: None

Open to: All members and watchers
6th-Jan-2008 11:46 pm (UTC) - Seen in a tagline
"Politics is a lot like driving a car. If you want to move backwards, choose 'R'. If you wish to move forward, choose 'D'."

LULZ ensued
7th-Jan-2008 01:43 am (UTC)
I can't see putting anyone in power who believes in religious myth, rather than the theories and laws of science. To do so is a vote for ignorance.
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